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Never Knows Best v1.01

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2002.02.10 - excuses...

Since people are actually visting this site now (two to be exact), I guess I should rewrite the intro. Well, this is Never Knows Best, a name inspired (stolen) from one of my favorite series, Furi Kuri. For those of you who know it (anyone out there?) it's written on all of Mamimi's cigarettes. Look for it

This is supposed to be a fan/original art site, but you won't find any content here. I know it says comic there on the right frame, but don't believe it. It's a no-good, lying link sent from Hades to fool you.

I've got limited scanner access, so updates happen every other week, if at all. Come look for them, if you've got nothing better to do. I may surprise you.

I probably won't.

Everything here is property of me unless stated otherwise. If you want to steal something, I truly pity you.