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self07.jpg it's me-madness. A true egoist.

- - - - -

layout03.jpg I wanted the new layout to look like a page of a comic, but I just couldn't make it work. It was taking too much time because I kept drawing and re-drawing of the same freakin' thing. Damn my perfectionism!

layout02.jpg drafts for the other panels of the intended layout.

layout01.jpg original picture for the current layout,I really liked it, but I couldn't reproduce it.

horsey.jpg close-up pencil rendering of a little seahorse statue. Reminds me of the sandworms from Beetlejuice.

fish01.jpg I have a million of these things, I swear.

fish04.jpg linoleum print of a fish.

self05.jpg I look like Kogepan...

self04.jpg I was just drawing some random girl and it became a self-portrait. Done in red pencil because I ran out of regular graphite.

cheshirecat.jpg an intaglio print on acetate. Copied it out of my illustrated Alice in Wonderland book. I really hated print class.

geckoes.jpg Geckoes! They're the coolest! And not because of those stupid Geiko commercials >_<

youdeserve.jpg quote from Locke's page I painted it over a dumb project and then my stupid Studio Practice teacher wouldn't give me credit for it. Who knew she'd take it personally.

msblatt.jpg cartoon of my stupid Studio Practice teacher, Ms. Blatt, the name says it all... btw it doesn't look like her, but she really did come to school with bandaids on her face. Nobody knew why...

vase.jpg you're actually seeing two projects in one. This is a pencil rendering of one of my ceramic pieces, only I kind of copied it wrong. When drawing from observation, one should be sure to actually observe the subject.

fran.jpg the bottom half of my friend's face. She is the absolute best artist I have ever known personally, and I hate her for it.

misc06.jpg a three-dimensional ball, CGed. It's incredibly stupid, but I'm working on my technique.

self03.jpg a boring, floating head, with one of the few kanji I recognize.

self02.jpg sometimes my own insanity surprises me.

self01.jpg I draw myself manga-stlye a lot.

misc05.jpg I love spirals~

misc04.jpg finally drew a background

misc03.jpg further proof of my decapitaion fetish.

misc02.jpg I've always wanted a stuffed animal with tentacles...

misc01.jpg I read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and now I'm rediscovering the way I used to draw, before I was sucked into the world of manga.