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newer images are on top

fran.jpg the bottom half of my friend's face. She is the absolute best artist I have ever known personally, and I hate her for it.

misc06.jpg a three-dimensional ball, CGed. It's incredibly stupid, but I'm working on my technique.

self03.jpg a boring, floating head, with one of the few kanji I recognize.

self02.jpg sometimes my own insanity surprises me.

self01.jpg I draw myself manga-stlye a lot.

misc05.jpg I love spirals~

misc04.jpg finally drew a background

misc03.jpg further proof of my decapitaion fetish.

misc02.jpg I've always wanted a stuffed animal with tentacles...

misc01.jpg I read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and now I'm rediscovering the way I used to draw, before I was sucked into the world of manga.