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newer images are on top

sam02.jpg another Sam. I love Sam, he's currently my favorite guy. Too bad he looks like a girl... (too bad they all look like girls...)

yellowbrickroad.jpg I'm trying to finish my sketchbook. I have no idea how this picture turned into the Wizard of Oz.

seimei03.jpg a head shot of Seimei, done in charcoal. Her hair's different than usual, but only the creator notices things like that.

sam01.jpg this is Sam, from the same story idea as "Naka-sen" (who is still without a real name). Also in charcoal, mainly because it was done right after the Seimei pic and I didn't feel like looking for a pencil.

demonicbug.jpg nothing cool or original about this one. Actually, it reminds me of leaninggirl.jpg

headpigeons.jpg the pigeon insanity continues... and yes, this was 100% inspired by Invader Zim. I friggin' love that show.

nikko02.jpg another Nikko, only she's a little girl in this one. Hurrah. This is also my first CG... and now you know why I don't CG.

umbrellagirlcolor.jpg inked and water-colored. Was to be a gift for my grandfather, but I ended up hating the paint job.

disability.jpg it was summer, I was hot, we didn't have an air-conditioner

seimei02.jpg more practice. I really should stop drawing everyone in cutesy poses and no backgrounds. (They annoy me >_<)

yellowboots.jpg my way of practicing inking and coloring in one shot.

pop.jpg this pic almost has a background (yay) I liked it at the time, now this chick's hair bugs me.

pigeoneater.jpg I was so happy with this picture when I first drew it. I know her head is way to big for her body, but I'm so happy I finally drew something that depicts violence toward pigeons ^___^

naka.jpg character for an undeveloped comic idea I have floating around my head. I wanted this story to take place in America for a change, but I got it into my head that his kanji symbol is "naka". Now, I refer to him as Naka-sen, which I just realized was stolen directly from that crappy manga, Gals. It was completely unconscious, and now he's stuck with that nickname. Argh.

elvencolor.jpg boredom in my studio practice class equals bad drawings with other people's art supplies

decapitation.jpg I became suddenly enraged by the fact that I was only drawing floating heads, and this is the result.

cinderellaboy.jpg Furi Kuri influenced, but I didn't know what to do with his hands, so I gave him a rag. Further proof of my excessive laziness.

seimei01.jpg I have a striped shirt just like that. My little sister begged me not to buy it, so I think I did just to spite her. Meanwhile, I would like this picture if the folds in Seimei's shirt worked.

winterarmygirl.jpg I try to make file names that remind me what the drawing is, so in case you're wondering, she's not really in the army.

tommygirl.jpg outfit inspired by a singer I saw on Hey Hey Hey Music Champ (Tommy February). It was a really cute school uniform, but the skirt was mighty short.

unicorngirl.jpg I was (am?) somewhat under the influence of Clamp's new series, Chobits. (I love it~)

muscleboy.jpg I think it's only fair that if girls are always drawn in an adorably immature fashion, boys should suffer the same fate.

juliaclown.jpg used to practice inking before I inked the Blink fanart (yes, I wrote that specificaly because it rhymed)

nikko01.jpg semi-main character in my comic. I felt kinda guilty about not drawing her (ever), so this one's for you, Nikko.

leaninggirl.jpg trying new poses. And failing.

threegirls.jpg actually three different sketches brought together by the magic of Adobe.

witchsketch.jpg went on japanese site and saw some cute witch sketches. Drawn during random battles in the RPG, Lufia 2. Anyone remember that game? Super Nintendo all the way! (eventhough I only have the ROM version)

angelgirlsketch.jpg thought it was cute for a second, then didn't, then quit.

seishi01.jpg this was a top image for so long that I've really grown to hate it. I think this picture is the real reason I finally changed my layout. It's really a panel in a one-page manga I did to celebrate the last page in my sketchbook. I would have scanned the whole thing, but my scanner wasn't big enough. Oh, and these are the two main characters of my never-to-be-released comic, Shi and Seimei. Shi's the boy, don't laugh.