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newer images are on top

naotapage.jpg none of these pictures are good alone, so I scanned the whole page and left it that way. Done out of the frustration over the fact I can't draw Naota and I don't know why. He must have the simplest character design in the show -_-

kanchi.jpg a silly little half picture of Kanchi. Just felt he needed a little representation on this site.

ninamo.jpg Eri Ninamori a.k.a. Ninamo from Furi Kuri. She's my favorite character, besides Naota and Kanchi. Part of the Furi Kuri worship page in my sketchbook.

bouchan.jpg I felt really guilty about not sending a birthday present to Seira, so this little sketch is kinda acting as a space filler until I get a real one. It's my beloved Bou-chan, from the now defunct Still Waters (sigh)

lainwired.jpg a birthday present for my friend. It was exactly one week late. Lain's arm is so huge T_T

sesshomaru.jpg I was planning on finishing this, I swear. But one thing led to another, and now...

harukomitai.jpg this one in Original for a while, but finally I stopped lying to myself and admitted that I had Haruko in mind while drawing this.

notoriousamp.jpg a gift/fanart for Seira. Blink is my favorite online manga, and now I really like Nightingale too. I did like Still Waters, but someone got bored and decided to stop drawing it. fu---n da.